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Human Centered Design Thinking...

Design Thinking: Empathize + Define + Ideate + Prototype + Test + Iterate + Start Over

Design thinking is a human centered approach to innovation that involves deep understanding of the users where user research, persona creation, customer journey mapping, interactive concepts creation, testing, iterations are main parts of the best practices to provide a human centered solution that offers better experiences where users are always in the center of the entire design and development process.

If you're looking to start or grow your business via online experiences, your goals should include nothing but improving the Customer Experience for your visitors. If your business is relatively new, or isn’t getting as much conversion and repeating visitors as much as you'd like, you need to set goals specific to improving the users/buyers journey for the top scenarios and test it with your actual users. User Experience is a foundational part of the Customer Experience.

I'm a UX/UI Designer & Digital Strategist with 22 years of commercial experience researching, creating and delivering digital products and services for various size of companies mostly Fortune. Expert in Customer/User Centered Design Process to get ourstanding results for any types of digital goals using the latest innovative techniques and digital tools to start, grow or transform businesses.

Every company has a unique challenge that needs a unique UX strategy...